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Ideal BackyardTakuya Kamioka
Unique Artwork
Oil on Canvas with Wood Frame

Takuya Kamioka created in unknown

83 cm

68 cm

Hand signed by artist
Digital / Paper CoA
Takuya Kamioka
Tokyo, b. unknown

Takuya Kamioka naturally began his journey in art under the influence of his grandfather and father, who were both painters and illustrators. However, the most decisive moment in his artistic journey was his childhood exposure to hip-hop music and street graffiti. This experience ignited a significant cultural and artistic inspiration in him, and to this day, street culture remains deeply rooted in his work. He focuses on capturing the beauty of harmony and contrast created by light and reflections in everyday landscapes, rather than symbolic subjects. He combines his own photography with imaginative elements to create dreamlike atmospheres in his paintings. He has consistently collaborated with companies and brands such as REEBOK, ADIDAS, TORIBA COFFEE, and DOUTOR, as well as musicians like FUJII KAZE, AWICH, ANARCHY, KOHH, and KANDYTOWN.

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Ideal BackyardTakuya Kamioka
Unique Artwork
Oil on Canvas with Wood Frame

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대표자: 송보영

개인정보책임자: 사공훈

대표 번호: 02-3785-1622

통신판매업신고: 2022-서울용산-1497

사업자등록번호: 275-87-02239

서울 용산구 한남동 627 영풍빌딩 5층 509호



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