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Yung Chun Shih


Yung Chun Shih

Taipei, b. unknown


Taipei, b. unknown

Shih Yung Chun is renowned for his diverse range of artistic mediums, which include painting, sculpture, photography, literature, and installation art, all of which are deeply anchored in his investigation of the ordinary and the ceremonial in human behavior. His work begins with the hands-on creation of dolls and minor objects that appear in his paintings. These porcelain dolls and objects, which are the result of a labor-intensive process, are then depicted on canvas in various compositions and stories or transformed into videos. The ceramic objects created in this way themselves become installation pieces, either placed on shelves or hung in plastic bags. Shin’s art is concerned with subtleties in everyday life, particularly the disordered and unexpected details. Utilizing a surrealist style, he dissects the intricate nature of time in his work. He adeptly merges two- and three-dimensional elements, creating a perplexing space that transcends traditional dimensions. His unique methods involving texturing, layering, and surface modification add layers of depth that transcend the tangible aspects of his art. It is like a game with all the prior rules eliminated. In his dual “looking-away”, we find people fleeing the world or take a motionless trip to indulged themselves in another quotidian world, even for merely a moment. Shih Yung Chun (b.1978) lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. He received his B.F.A. in the Department of Western Fine Arts from the National Taiwan University of Arts. He has held solo exhibitions at HiArt space (2021, Shanghai), YIRI ARTS (2021, Taipei), Hive Center for Contemporary Art (2019, Beijing), 798 Line-Gallery (2016, 2012, Beijing), Art Experience Gallery (2015, Hong Kong), and more. He has also participated in group exhibitions at KICHE (2023, Seoul), Long Museum West Bund (2022, Shanghai), Hive Center for Contemporary Art (2021, Beijing), FreeS Art Space (2018, Taipei), YIRI ARTS (2018, Taipei), Long Museum Pudong (2013, Shanghai), and more.



  • 2003

    B.F.A., Department of Western Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

    Solo Exhibition

  • 2021

    Breath under Masks, hiart space, Shanghai, China Resume, YIRI ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan

  • 2019

    Pre-Construction, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

  • 2016

    Family Handcraft, 798 Line-Gallery, Beijing, China

    Group Exhibition

  • 2023

    Landscape and Depth, KICHE, Seoul, Korea Peter Pan Syndrome, Taitung Art Museum, Taitung, Taiwan Global Citizens - Asia, TheShopHouse & HypeArt, Hong Kong

  • 2022

    Being In the World: The Tenth Anniversary of the Long Museum, Long Museum West Bund, Shanghai, China

  • 2021

    A Couple of: The Dual-mechanism of the New Generation of Asian Artists, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China


대표자: 송보영

개인정보책임자: 사공훈

대표 번호: 02-3785-1622

통신판매업신고: 2022-서울용산-1497

사업자등록번호: 275-87-02239

서울 용산구 한남동 627 영풍빌딩 5층 509호



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