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Yunsoo Kim


Yunsoo Kim

Seoul, b. unknown


Seoul, b. unknown

Kim Yunsoo creates her own works by drawing invisible things with scattered things, making lumps with flowing things, building up layers of time. She graduated from the Department of Sculpture at Chung-Ang University and the same graduate school. Her solo exhibitions were held at Gallery SoSo(2021), (2017), (2011), Alter Ego / Sutome(2015), Project Space SARUBIA(2008). She also participated in group exhibitions at Datz Museum of Art(2020), Museum of Contemporary Art Busan(2020), Cheonju Museum of Art(2019), Nam Seoul Museum of Art(2018), OCI Museum of Art(2016), and the Museum SAN(2016). Kim Yunsoo participated in residencies at SeMA Nanji Residency(2006-2007), MMCA residency Goyang(2008-2009), and Art Center White Block(2014-2015). Her artworks are housed in the Seoul Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, the Art Bank(the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art), OCI Museum of Art, and the Datz Museum of Art. Kim Yunsoo won the 22nd Woomin Art Award in 2023 and is preparing for a solo exhibition at Woomin Art Sensor in 2024.

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Yunsoo Kim


Gallery SoSo



대표자: 송보영

개인정보책임자: 사공훈

대표 번호: 02-3785-1622

통신판매업신고: 2022-서울용산-1497

사업자등록번호: 275-87-02239

서울 용산구 한남동 627 영풍빌딩 5층 509호



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