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Jieun Choi


Jieun Choi

South Korea, b. 1992


South Korea, b. 1992

Born in 1992, Jieun Choi majored Korean painting at Dongguk University and continued her studies at the National University of Arts in Karlsruhe. Currently, she is pursuing her artistic career in Germany. At the heart of her artistic expression is the creation of abstract images, skillfully capturing the transient and ephemeral qualities of the moment. Choi seamlessly integrates the soft curves of her subjects with abstract backgrounds, crafting a unique visual narrative that places her characters within a distinctive and captivating realm. Through this, she delves into the intricate and nuanced aspects inherent in the linguistic and subtle nature of the human body. The artist pursues mysterious, intuitive, and sensorial expressions, skillfully capturing the inner narratives and psychological realms of her characters through the intricacies of their gaze and tension. The artist's creative process navigates the delicate balance between abstraction and concreteness, cycling through phases of creation and destruction. She sculpts her narratives with unexpected forms and situations, elevating the tension and mystery of the characters through moments of anticipation and unwavering pursuit. Choi endeavors to immerse viewers in an experience of intuition and empathy by infusing her characters' gestures and gazes with profound meaning. In doing so, she cherishes the exploration of boundaries between the unconscious and conscious realms, forging innovative narrative structures. Through this distinctive approach, Choi actively seeks profound engagement with the audience, persistently delving into the dynamic exchange of meaning and emotions within the realm of art.

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Jieun Choi


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Jieun Choi


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대표자: 송보영

개인정보책임자: 사공훈

대표 번호: 02-3785-1622

통신판매업신고: 2022-서울용산-1497

사업자등록번호: 275-87-02239

서울 용산구 한남동 627 영풍빌딩 5층 509호



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